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From Markus Schaber <>
Subject AW: tree conflict deletes files
Date Fri, 13 Jul 2012 08:17:24 GMT
Hi, Johnea,

> Von: johnea []
> I've administered low volume svn repositories for approx. 7 years, and I'd
> like to add my woes to those of other 'tree conflict' victims.
> I have a small repo, to which I am the only one committing.
> On one machine, I created a directory of source in the repo, but did not
> add it to the repo.
> I realized I could only build this code on a second machine, so I copied
> the files manually (outside of svn) to the second machine, completed the
> build, and added the resulting directories and files to the repo and
> committed.
> This is were the tears start: I went back to the first machine and
> performed an 'svn up' without first deleting the non-version controlled,
> non-built, copy of the directory.
> This resulted in a tree conflict, which I was totally unable to resolve. I
> moved this entire repo directory aside, and re checked out the entire
> repository.
> At this point I thought I had resolved my issues, however when I tried to
> update teh second/build machine it also registered a tree conflict.
> Each time I try to update either machine, the update deletes all of the
> files from the affected directory, leaving only the empty directory
> structure. Then announces that the directory is in tree conflict.
> An attempted: svn resolve --accept=theirs-full DIR, informs me that only -
> -accept=working is allowed. However, now svn has deleted all of the files
> in the DIR and the working copy is a set of empty directories, so the --
> accept=working now accepts a set of empty directories, marking all of the
> files I'm trying to download as Deleted.
> Every time I try to update, the directories are emptied, and my only
> option is to accept these now empty directories.
> Somewhow I seem to have gotten svn into some sort of tree-conflict loop.
> I've had to remove and re-check out the repo on both machines to resolve
> the issue. This is a modest sized project. If this was a large source
> collection (gigabytes), this complete re checkout would be totally
> unfeasible.

Did you try to do a "svn revert -R" after the update? This will drop all local modifications,
but it should save you the hassle of a fresh checkout.

> I'm running 1.7.5 svn client on both machines and 1.7.something on the
> server.
> Hi, my names johnea, and I'm a tree conflict victim

Best regards

Markus Schaber
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