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From Kaushal Shriyan <>
Subject Add Parent Directories.
Date Sun, 22 Jul 2012 05:31:37 GMT

if there is new directory and subdirectory and files in these directories,
is there a way to add all at once instead of adding one by one?

+ svn add --parents
svn: No versioned parent directories
read -p "Commit message: " message
+ read -p 'Commit message: ' message
Commit message: Adding Files for Portal 2308
svn commit -m "$message" "${files[@]}"
+ svn commit -m 'Adding Files for Portal 2308'
svn: '/home/exampledomian/prod_tag/release23/utils/healthChecks' is not a
working copy
svn: '/home/exampledomian/prod_tag/release23/utils/healthChecks' does not

Any clue?



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