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From Andy Levy <>
Subject Re: How to import
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2012 17:14:11 GMT
On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 12:48 PM, John Maher <> wrote:
> Hello
> I'm trying to figure out how to use the import command in a windows
> environment.  I'm reading the book but the documentation is unclear as
> is the help.  Perhaps someone can clarify it for me.
> For example the help says:
> Import [PATH] URL
> I need to import from one path to another.  A path can also be referred
> to as an URL.  However when both terms are used in an example then that
> implies a difference.  What's the difference?  Or is there none?  I see
> no explanation anywhere.  Too bad neither the help nor the book explain
> what the command expects.

A PATH is always a local filesystem path. A URL is always a
properly-formed URL. If your repository is not served via Apache or
svnserve, then your URL starts with file:// instead of svn:// or

> I wish to add some files to their own folder called iERP_v2 under the
> Repositories (shared) folder but can't find any information on that at
> all.  How do I create a folder?  From the server?  Is there a command?
> Will import do it?
> The svn server lives on host Vm006 which I also mapped to drive s.  A
> repository exists (called Repositories) with folders in it that I
> created with VisualSVN.  Unfortunately VisualSVN is inadequate for our
> needs so I need to learn the archaic commands.  The code I wish to
> import lives on a mapped network drive; g.  I tried issuing the command
> from the directory where the files reside:
> \\Vm006\Repositories    Fails           Invalid URL
> '//vm006/Repositories'
> //Vm006/Repositories    Fails           Invalid URL
> '//vm006/Repositories'
> \\Vm006\$e\Repositories Fails           Error resolving case of
> '\\Vm006\$e\Repositories'
> //Vm006/$e/Repositories Fails           Error resolving case of
> '\\Vm006\$e\Repositories'
> s:\Repositories         Fails           Invalid URL 'S:/Repositories'
> s:/Repositories         Fails           Invalid URL 'S:/Repositories'
> s:\Repositories\iERP_v2 Fails           Invalid URL
> 'S:/Repositories/iERP_v2'
> s:/Repositories/iERP_v2 Fails           Invalid URL
> 'S:/Repositories/iERP_v2'
> Then I tried changing directories to the SVN server but received the
> same results.
> svn import "g:\code\intuitive projects\projects" Vm006\Repositories
> Fails           svn: E205000: Invalid URL 'Vm006/Repositories'
> etc.
> It seems to ignore what kind of slash is used but all the logical
> options failed so I tried the illogical ones also.  They all failed.

As noted above these should all fail because they are not URLs that
you're import into - they're local filesystem paths.

But let's take a step back here - it appears that you're using file://
access on a network share with (I assume) multiple other users. This
is a recipe for failure and disaster. Set up a proper Subversion
server using Apache or svnserve.

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