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From chroyer <>
Subject Re: ignore ancestry and record only
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2012 21:49:15 GMT
> > It's unfortunate that you don't want to go into details here. 

Sorry, I did not want to muddy the water...but let me try. 
The items I am tracking originate from a different version control system in which we implemented
an artificial way to branch (using batch files). That tree will be used for a little longer,
but we are transitioning to svn. We have a trunk in svn, and a branch (like a vendor branch
in that case) to import the old tree. When we did not have "patches" in the old tree, it was
simply a matter of updating the branch then merge it into the trunk (not a reintegrate; the
branch is never getting changes from the trunk). 

Branching in the old tree is implemented by running specific batch files to copy files around,
thus creating a new tree. Those batch files can only be applied to an unpatched tree. So,
to keep as much history as possible, I get the old tree in the svn branch, get a WC where
I run the appropriate patch batch file, then tag from that working copy. The next time the
old tree is updated, I repeat the process. Now I have 2 tags, and I can diff them to port
those changes in my trunk (well, I use an intermediate branch, the trunk will get those changes
when things get more stable). What I like is that I can easily go back and see that the "merge"
was done properly (without having to get the old tree at a specific rev and apply to proper
patch - it's all in the svn tags area) 

> Please show us all svn commands you're running, starting from "putting 
> snapshots into the tags area" up to "I see a lot files being 
> replaced". 

I am using tsvn to perform all the steps I need. Getting the old tree is done like getting
a vendor branch (I don't use the perl script though). Tagging the WCis also no issue. The
only "unusual" for me is when I merge the diff between 2 tags; I use "merge 2 different trees"
and tsvn log gives me something like: 
Merging from <old tag> , revision HEAD to <new tag>, revision HEAD into <working
copy>, ignoring ancestry 
Merging from <old tag> , revision HEAD to <new tag>, revision HEAD into <working
then I commit 

> It's usually best to provide a list of commands (a working shell 
> script 
> is even better) that starts off with an empty repository and ends with 
> the command where you're running into a problem. This way, others can 
> try to reproduce the problem and figure out a solution. 

I really appreciate your help, and I know this list can provide very thorough support. I am
not running into any issue yet, and I was not really anticipating going into many details;
rather I was wondering if at a high level that approach of first merging with --ignore-ancestry
then merging again with --record-only (then commit) was raising any red flag. While it seems
to work now, I can't tell if this will be an issue later (hence asking if someone had similar

Thank you all 

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