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From "Wei Bai" <>
Subject Extremely slow checkout on a large repository
Date Fri, 12 Oct 2012 15:06:00 GMT
Hi, Thanks for replying.


I'm using svnserve 1.7.5 on a Dell R610 server ( Xeon E5620*2/16GB)

The server is running CentOS 5.5, SSD disk is used to increase IO

The repository is very large: 100K+ files, 100K+ revisions, total size of
the work copy is about 1.5G.


When I what to check out a new work copy on another linux machine, I found
it's painfully 

slow, it takes about 2 hours. Can anybody tell me if this speed is normal?


I noticed when the svn checkout command is running on client side, there is
a svnserve process with 100% CPU usage on server side,

does this means the concurrent performance of svn is very bad for checkout

And this svnserve process will not disappear immediately if I kill the
client side svn process, it will run for a long time with 100% CPU usage,
this might be a problem?


Could anyone give some advice on how to optimize the performance of svn on a
large repository? 


Thanks very much.


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