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From Bob Archer <>
Subject RE: SVN Tag / Branch question
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2012 16:36:27 GMT
> Hello,
> We did our first release in SVN today. I used the copy command (shown below)
> to copy from /trunk to /tag.  Since not everything in /trunk was needed for this
> release, I had to specify the directories which were needed.
> Q1. Is this the normal/correct way of doing things? For the new release, just the
> Docs, MKVIE and Screens dirs. were needed. The others were not.

Not sure what you mean by "not needed". However, you don't save anything by not just copying
trunk to tag. Since svn uses "cheap copies" copying the full trunk folder doesn't take any
more space than copying certain folders. Also, if you released your product from a certain
svn revision, aren't ALL the files in that revision part of that release version?

> Our repo structure is as follows:
> C>svn list
> Control/
> Docs/
> Screens/
> sem_modbus/
> Q2. Are we better off using release branches instead of copying to /tags?

To svn a copy is a copy. tags and branches are semantic names. In general a tag isn't ever
committed to. But, this is only by convention. 

> Q3. Sometime down the line, if I had to re-create a view of "Release 1.6", do I
> just base my workspace on what's in /tags/release-1.6? Or is there
> another/better way of re-creating a prior release?

I would copy the tag to a branch and work from the branch. 

> Q4. I was also expecting /tags to contain just the new files for Release
> 1.6.  However, that wouldn't be case, right? I have a feeling I am confusing
> myself over nothing.

Basically, all a copy is, is a pointer to the location that it copied. So, the state of the
path you copy to includes everything from the source path. But, once again, it is a cheap
copy so no files are really copied. 


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