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From Daniel Shahaf <>
Subject Re: adding --include-externals to svn diff
Date Sat, 02 Feb 2013 09:49:26 GMT

(sounds like a good idea on the surface, but I didn't consider the
details and I won't be the one implementing it)

Matt Hargett wrote on Sat, Feb 02, 2013 at 02:04:06 +0000:
> To parallel the additions of --include-externals to the 'commit' and 'ls'
> commands, I would also like to propose adding the option to the 'diff'
> command. I just tested latest trunk and the option is unrecognized.
> Given the discussions around the previously enhanced commands, I think the
> reason for wanting the continuity is obvious: Developers often do a diff
> before committing, and it's important they are able to diff at the same
> scope as they commit.
> I was inquiring on the IRC channel on some other issues, but got no
> response. Hence the email to the list :)
> Let me know what I can do, within reason, to help bring make these
> commands more congruent for 1.8.0.
> Thanks!

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