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From Thorsten Schöning <>
Subject Re: Keyword substitutions not being merged correctly
Date Wed, 20 Mar 2013 19:15:26 GMT
Guten Tag David Sandberg,
am Mittwoch, 20. März 2013 um 19:24 schrieben Sie:

> The part of this I am not understanding is that the commit was made
> by the user Jim ... shouldn't that change be a part of the file
> thereafter?

No, because the number is introduced by the client only, the keyword
is in the repo.

> Or are you saying that, when I look at the repository contents
> afterwards, it is my own SVN client that is adding in the revision
> number for me at that point, by looking back to see what the most
> recent revision of that file is?

Exactly that.

> Things I had read elsewhere
> suggested that the keyword substitution takes place on the client
> during the commit process,

...and updates.

> but is it actually the case that the
> client only updates the committing user's working copy of that file
> during the commit, and then similarly updates any other user's
> working copy of that file with the same revision number during an
> update?


> If this is the case, then am I on the right track by
> thinking that the revision # of the merged file wouldn't be updated
> because the client doesn't regard a merge as the same thing as an
> update, and the revision # would only be updated when that merged
> file is committed (and to the revision of the merge commit in that
> branch, not the revision of the original trunk modification)?


Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Thorsten Schöning

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