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From David Sandberg <>
Subject RE: Keyword substitutions not being merged correctly
Date Wed, 20 Mar 2013 19:09:34 GMT
> As Thorsten pointed out, the keywords do not store the actual revision number.
> Only the unexpanded "$Rev$" is stored on the server.
> Its sounds like "svn:keywords" isn't set correctly on Sam's feature branch.

It wasn't, in fact, but after Michael's response I realize that it wouldn't have
mattered even if it had been set, because we were relying upon that value to be
set prior to any commit of the merged file into the branch.  But it is a good
reminder that, if we do change our operational pattern to commit merges before
we build, we also need to make sure the keywords and auto-prop settings are set
properly on that system.

> Also, you won't see the revision keyword change in the file until after you
> do a commit.

Yes, this was apparently the crux of the issue.

Thanks for the response!

- David Sandberg

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