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From "Cooke, Mark" <>
Subject RE: SVN Speed issue
Date Thu, 28 Mar 2013 08:59:41 GMT
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> From: Thorsten Schöning [] 
> Sent: 28 March 2013 08:34
> To:
> Subject: Re: SVN Speed issue
> Guten Tag Ajay Pawar,
> am Donnerstag, 28. März 2013 um 05:44 schrieben Sie:
> > Is there any option by which we can increase the SVN performance ?
> If you really want users to help you please provide some more details
> about your setup, which OS is your repo are hosted on, how they are
> hosted, e.g. httpd vs. svnserve, which version of the repo hosting
> software are used, maybe even repo size, some specs of the hardware
> serving your repos, if any updates were installed recently regarding
> OS, Subversion server components etc.
> You can't seriously ask for a "performance improvement option" without
> specifying any details and, more important, by knowing the fact that
> access seemed to be fast enough some days ago. Obviously there had to
> be some change which causes your problems and it's very unlikely that
> it's normal svn usage, because it maybe worked for years until
> yesterday.
> You maybe have to do some performance measurements on your own using
> whatever tools your OS provides to see were the current bottleneck is,
> CPU, network, disks or whatever. There are a lot scenarios one can
> think of causing your problems, starting from a rebuilding raid array
> in the server to a bot committing millions of revision all the time
> because someone hacked your network or whatever.
> Once again:

For example: if you serve your repositories over the internet, perhaps the slowdown is / was
due to the massive internet DDoS attacks that have been going on the last few days... But
you do not give us enough info to even say if that is a reasonable assumption.

~ mark c
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