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From Philip Martin <>
Subject Re: svnsync bug ?
Date Tue, 26 Mar 2013 13:08:05 GMT
"KLOCK Laurent" <> writes:

> It syncs up to the latest revision and finishes without any error.
> Then I realized that the target repository is much smaller than the
> original one (160 MB vs 2-3 GB...)
> Obviously, there is something missing...

Various things are possible.  There might be lots of shared content and
the master might have rep-sharing disabled. The master might have lots
of abandonded transactions. The master might have lots of exclusive file
locks.  You may have non-repository files located inside the master
by accident.

Look inside the repository directories and compare the size of the

> 24806 2013-03-26T11:55:31.407067Z - - xtnet_svn replay
> /project/xtnet_svn r0
> It seems that it is always replaying revision r0....Looks like a bug but
> maybe I'm doing something wrong also...

svnserve logs the replay "low water mark" revision, rather then the
revisions being replayed, so r0 is expected. (I'm not sure why we choose
to log the low water mark revision.)

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