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From Ravi Roy <>
Subject Re: SVN repositorires migration using svnsync and master information in repos.
Date Sat, 30 Mar 2013 12:04:49 GMT
> am Samstag, 30. März 2013 um 09:59 schrieben Sie:
> No, there was a similar discussion recently:

Thanks Thorsten for the reply and pointing me to thread. I will cross
check the stuff with respect to this.

> svnsync will create each revision from your master even if it is not
> allowed to read actual data because of path based access restrictions
> on the master or simply because you provided a wrong root path on
> initializing the repo for syncing. You need to compare repo contents,
> e.g. using a client and some svn ls operations or dumping your soiurce
> and target repos and comparing their sizes or something similar.

I had disabled patch based restrictions before migration of repos and
also made sure that root path for source and target is correct.
Have to check the size of the repos.

> I think it doesn't harm and is easily removable by svnadmin, but
> others will know for sure. Besides that, more important to consider is
> that your new repos should have got new UUID each, meaning they are
> incompatible with your current working copies now. Each working copy
> needs to be checked out again, svn relocate doenst work because of the
> new UUIDs, you didn't just moved your repos but created new ones, or
> you have to manually set the new reop's UUID to the old ones using
> svnadmin setuuid. In the latter case you have to make sure that both
> repos do have exactly the same content, meaning now revisions
> committed after syncing etc.

Every new repository on 'new master host' was created using UUID from
old repos. so all repos on 'master host' and 'new master host' have
same UUIDs.

I will verify the contents of repos...thanks again..



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