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From Kiren Pillay <>
Subject Can't synchronize branch with trunk
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2013 16:12:52 GMT

I've encountered a strange problem, hopefully someone can help me here.
Below is a diagram of our repo

----->trunk------mod ABC-------------------------+
         +                                                 |
         |                                                  |
       branch-copy WPB-------Mods XYZ---+

1. From trunk we created a copy to a new dev branch for workpackage-B.
2. Commits XYZ where made to branch WPB
3. In parallel, mods ABC where made to trunk
4. When trying to bring changes into WPB via merge, none of the changes are
seen. They are basically ignored.

I've tried cherry picking as well, but this synchronization merge isn't
working. What could be wrong here?

This is the output from my eclipse IDE, the same happens from the
Operation  Resource Path
Modified    /home/kiren/Documents/workspace-QA/V2.1.0-work-package-B
merge completed    /home/kiren/Documents/workspace-QA/V2.1.0-work-package-B

Kiren Pillay

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