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From Andrew Reedick <>
Subject RE: Ancestrally Related Error Message
Date Mon, 17 Jun 2013 17:40:46 GMT

> From: C M [] 
> Sent: Monday, June 17, 2013 12:39 PM
> To: C. Michael Pilato
> Cc: Subversion
> Subject: Re: Ancestrally Related Error Message
> I think my earlier mistake might have been that I was using the --reintegrate option.

> Without it, I make some progress, but still not quite what I am expecting.
> Again, given that trunk is empty, why the "C" (tree conflicts)? I would expect all of
then to be "A" (additions), no?
> The DEV_WC currently only shows the two dirs which SVN correctly recognized as additions.
> c:\Temp\DEV_WC>svn merge --dry-run --ignore-ancestry https://path_to_branch/SCR_BR/
> --- Merging r1191 through r1245 into '.':
>   C ini
>   C txt
>   C graphics
>   C MMI
>   C backups
>   C sysctrl

>   C cpu
> A    mtl
> Summary of conflicts:
>   Tree conflicts: 8

What kind of tree conflicts are they?  'svn status' should provide more detail.  Also, what
version of svn are you using?  1.6? 1.7?

Why is trunk empty?  Because you deleted trunk after the branch was created? (i.e. create
branch, delete trunk/*, merge from branch.)

I get the vague feeling that you have 'incoming add after delete'(?) type messages on the
directory conflicts.


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