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From Torge Riedel <>
Subject Request for nice feature to solve tree conflict on moved/renamed files
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2013 19:56:56 GMT

I just faced this problem:

Had to fix a bug in an older, but still supported version of my application.
After the fix I merged the range of revisions to the trunk and got a "tree conflict". Yes,
that file was moved and renamed, maybe there is a loss of information in the merge tracking,
don't know.

I tried to solve it by creating a patch of the file and apply it to the file in the trunk,
but that's impossible. Applying a patch is only available on directories.
At least I did the merge "by hand" (not much modifications).

What I would like to request is
  - either a possibility to apply a diff to a single file (even if it's renamed / moved)
  - in the merge dialog right click on that file with "tree conflict" and select a file to
apply the modifications to

Good night

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