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From <>
Subject 答复: How to use SVN to setup CIMS
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2013 06:47:17 GMT
I found that the tool of svnlook can cat the edit file with "-t" option in pre-commit script.
I do this in the server side, can I do the same this in client side?

Best regards
发件人: Ryan Schmidt [] 
发送时间: 2013年6月4日 13:03
收件人: Liberal Jin
主题: Re: How to use SVN to setup CIMS

On Jun 3, 2013, at 21:46, wrote:

> I want to set up a cims by SVN.

I don't know what "cims" is, but…

> The system need to do a series test before commit.

This has been recently discussed, and the consensus was "don't do that", because there's no
way for you to obtain a consistent state of the repository to test until the commit has been

Instead, use a continuous integration system that tests your build after each commit, and
reports build failures (e.g. to a group email list) so that whoever committed a bad revision
will know about it and can fix it quickly.

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