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From Gert Kello <>
Subject Re: Automatic windows authentication using serf/svn 1.8
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2013 13:28:32 GMT
> Sorry, I did not mention it specifically:
> I can authenticate when I type in my domain user name/password when
> prompted. And, they are cached so they must be entered only once (per each
> domain password change I assume).
> But I would prefer if the authentication ticket is obtained from currently
> logged in windows user, not to type user name/password manually. That part
> is failing...

>> Apparently, if the server uses NTLM only, serf cannot authenticate
>> to it, while neon could. serf supports SPNego though:
>> Does this apply to your situation? Can you fix the problem by
>> changing the server's configuration?

Well, I have SSPIOfferBasic ON in apache config (for mod_auth_sspi),
so that's why authentication is working. If I set it to "off" then 1.8
client is not able to connect.


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