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From Gert Kello <>
Subject Re: Automatic windows authentication using serf/svn 1.8
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2013 14:41:45 GMT
>> If I enable the ‘SSPIPackage Negotiate’ line (which I just added) then my
>> Subversion 1.8 clients appear to authenticate correctly, but my neon based
>> 1.7 clients fail with an even worse error that can’t be resolved by just
>> typing the password.
> Seems like for me the SSPIPackage Negotiate is not working for 1.8
> client. Did not try with 1.7 client.

A status update:
I can successfully authenticate against the server when I use
"correct" name of server. i.e. I there are several name forms of
server I can use:

When having SSPIPackage Negotiate, first two of name forms
(https:/svnserver/svn and do not
work, but last two ones work ( and
ip-based access). So there's something wrong with our network setup.
Server machine is joined to, my machine and my user are in

Svn 1.7 client works if serf http library is used, i.e.
svn list --config-option

So I have almost working solution, after network problem is fixed. I
just have to persuade every team member either to upgrade or to change
their servers configuration file.


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