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From Bo Chen <>
Subject user issues on svnrdump
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2013 04:29:27 GMT
I tried to use svnrdump to dump certain versions of GCC

// dump the version 198000
svnrdump dump svn:// -r 198000 > dump_file1
// dump the subquent version incrementally
svnrdump dump svn:// -r 198001 --incremental >

I then used the svnadmin load to load the dump file to an empty repository,

svnadmin create repo
svnadmin load repo < dump_file1 // this is successful
svnadmin load repo < dump_file2 // error, message: svnadmin: E160013: File
not found: transaction '1-5', path 'trunk/gcc/ChangeLog'

It seens that the first dump will automatically strip-off "trunk", but the
second dump does not strip off dump. My subversion version is 1.7.5.

What happen? Any suggestion for me to solve it?



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