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From Andrew Reedick <>
Subject "svn add" failing with "svn: E200009: Can't set 'svn:eol-style': ... has binary mime type property" and/or inconsistent newlines
Date Tue, 09 Jul 2013 17:03:10 GMT
"svn add" is having trouble with *.png files.  This is with a 1.8 and a 1.7.9 client.

I create a new test repository, copy in some vender code, then when I run "svn add" I get
the following error on 1.8:
	svn add build-pipeline-plugin-1.3.3
	A         build-pipeline-plugin-1.3.3\src\main\resources\index.jelly
	A         build-pipeline-plugin-1.3.3\src\main\webapp
	A         build-pipeline-plugin-1.3.3\src\main\webapp\images
	svn: E200009: Can't set 'svn:eol-style': file 'C:\temp\1.8\test18\tags\build-pipeline-plugin-1.3.3\src\main\webapp\images\gear.png'
has binary mime type property

When I revert and re-run the add, the add will sometimes fail on a different *.png file, which
is odd.

Under 1.7.9, I get one of two errors, either:
	svn: E200009: File 'C:\temp\test18\build-pipeline-plugin-1.3.3\src\main\webapp\images\application-small-list-blue.png'
has binary mime type property
	svn: E200009: File 'C:\temp\test18\build-pipeline-plugin-1.3.3\src\main\webapp\css\redmond\images\ui-icons_f9bd01_256x240.png'
has inconsistent newlines
	svn: E135000: Inconsistent line ending style

This is on Windows 7 32-bit with "svn, version 1.7.9 (r1462340)" or "svn, version 1.8.0 (r1490375)"
clients from Collabnet.

'svn import' imports the files without issue.  Enabling auto-props and uncommenting the '*.png'
auto-prop in the client's config file made no difference either.

Anyone have any ideas?

Steps to reproduce:
Create a new repo:
1. cd c:\repos
2. svnadmin create test18
3. svnserve -d -r c:\repos
4. edit test18\conf\svnserve.conf
	set "anon-access = write" in the [General] section

Create a new workspace:
5. cd c:\temp\
6. svn co svn://localhost/test18
7. cd test18

Get the files:
8. unzip
	Zip is available here:
	Or you can install a Mercurial (Hg) client and
		hg clone build-pipeline-plugin-1.3.3
		cd build-pipeline-plugin-1.3.3
		hg co build-pipeline-plugin-1.3.3
		rd /s/q .hg
		del .hgignore .hgtags
		cd ..
		xcopy /s/e/v/i build-pipeline-plugin-1.3.3 test18/build-pipeline-plugin-1.3.3

Run the add:
9. svn add build-pipeline-plugin-1.3.3

10.  Extra credit, revert and run again to see it fail on different files:
svn revert -R build-pipeline-plugin-1.3.3 & svn add build-pipeline-plugin-1.3.3

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