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From Øyvind 'bolt' Hvidsten <>
Subject Re: Subversion http protocol through SOCKS 5 server (with authentication)
Date Sun, 21 Jul 2013 20:33:47 GMT
To clarify, svn worked fine through socks 5 using dante-client, which 
provides the socksify script which does pretty much the same as tsocks.

I would have filed a bug against tsocks, but from what I can see the 
last commit on that project was in 2002. Thus, it seems dante-client is 
the way to go.


On 20/07/13 18:56, Andreas Krey wrote:
> On Fri, 19 Jul 2013 09:44:05 +0000, Øyvind 'bolt' Hvidsten wrote:
> ...
>> In the restricted network, the SOCKS proxy is dante, but as I mentioned,
>> the same situation occurs with a simple ssh -D proxy.
> You may want to run a simple local http proxy that itself can use
> a SOCKS5 proxy to access the internet (polipo may be a candidate).
> If you only need to access a specific SVN host you may also
> run a port forwarder that can use SOCKS5. Or do 'ssh -L
> localport:desthost:destport helperhost' when you have something
> ourside you can ssh to, and use netcat as a proxy command to
> get through the socks proxy.
> tsocks is by definition a hack that can't work in all circumstances.
> Andreas

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