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On 06.07.2013 00:51, David Rothenberger wrote:
I cannot reproduce this problem using command-line tools, but I was
able to do a trace of git-svn when it is failing and it looks to me
that the problem is in the order in which the SVN::Delta::Editor
(svn_delta_editor_t) function are being called.

The order I see is:
 1. open_root
 2. open_directory
 3. add_file
 4. apply_textdelta
 5. add_file
 6. apply_textdelta

The git-svn code is expecting a close_file call before the add_file
call in #5. It appears to me that the svn_delta_editor_t API [1]
requires this close_file call. It looks to me like this is Issue
#2932 [2].

Indeed it is.

And it is actually documented here:


and mentioned here:

In other words, this is a limitation of the Serf-based backend that has been around since Subversion 1.4. I'm aware that it isn't documented as well as it should be, but the bulk-mode workaround exists in part as a workaround for that, effectively disabling the more efficient HTTPv2 protocol.

In the meantime, it might be a good idea to relax the restrictions in git-svn to account for the way the HTTPv2 protocol works.

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