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From Konstantin Kolosovsky <>
Subject Subversion 1.8 "--non-interactive" and "--force-interactive" flags behavior
Date Mon, 05 Aug 2013 10:14:31 GMT
Hi Everyone,

I've got a question about "--non-interactive" and "--force-interactive" 
flags behavior in Subversion 1.8.
I'm not subscribed to the mailing list, please put my email in Cc in any 

We've got java application interacting with svn.exe command line 
utility. For Subversion 1.7 our authentication behavior was the following:
- executing command using svn.exe, for instance "svn udpate"
- getting "authentication realm" from process output
- destroying process
- creating correct credential cache for the obtained "authentication 
realm" (for instance, correct file with encrypted password in the "auth" 
folder for Windows)
- executing command using svn.exe once again - so that authentication 
goes smoothly as necessary information is in credential cache

With Subversion 1.8 client we can not get "authentication realm" to 
create correct credential cache information:
- if not specifying "--force-interactive" flag or specifying 
"--non-interactive" flag - process output contains authentication 
failure message, but only with repository url - not the "authentication 
- if specifying "--force-interactive" flag - process "hangs" not 
providing any output - so there is no way to get "authentication realm" 
from it and then destroy the process

So the question is - is it possible to somehow return previous behavior 
of svn.exe client - so that it does not "hang" but just "waiting" for 
the "user input" providing necessary "authentication realm" in the output?
Or what would you recommend in such situation when authentication is 
necessary when interacting with svn.exe utility from java application? 
Is directly specifying "--username" and "--password" keys the only 
available option?

Many thanks,

Konstantin Kolosovsky
Software Developer
"Develop with pleasure!"

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