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From Ben Reser <>
Subject Re: svn 1.8.1: segmentation fault on merge
Date Wed, 21 Aug 2013 02:19:10 GMT
On Tue Aug 20 08:09:02 2013, John Jacobson wrote:
> I am encountering the crash described below when doing a particular
> merge. I've tried the merge on a clean checkout - it still segfaults.
> The same merge succeeds with svn 1.7.8. What are the steps that I
> should take in order to file a meaningful issue report?

If you're able to build from source the best report can be to build 
Subversion by passing --enable-maintainer-mode to configure and then 
running the merge via gdb.  You don't need to install the version with 
debugging symbols to do this (just configure and make).

The following should do the trick (where BUILDDIR is where you built 
libtool e gdb --args $BUILDDIR/subversion/svn/svn merge 
^/offline/asmm/branches/uat/Production --verbose

After gdb starts type r and press enter.

You should get a backtrace when the segfault happens.  Post the 
backtrace here.

That is going to be the best way.  If you can't do that you're probably 
going to have to try and describe the changes that are being merged.  
If you can find a way to reproduce it from a fresh repo with minimal 
steps that's even better.

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