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From Ben Reser <>
Subject Re: SVN Copy now fails with 424 FailedDependency
Date Wed, 21 Aug 2013 19:27:33 GMT
On Wed Aug 21 12:15:05 2013, Ben Reser wrote:
> On Wed Aug 21 11:31:09 2013, Mark Phippard wrote:
>> I think this regression is probably caused by a change in mod_dav in
>> Apache 2.2.25/2.4.6
> That looks like a potential dupe of:
> Which is fixed but not included in a released version of httpd yet.
> Can someone try applying the change from that bug to their httpd and
> see if they can still replicate the issue?

Okay that isn't a duplicate.  The fix for PR 55304 removed the check 
for the parent of the copy but not the check for the locks.  That's 
going to be a lot messier of a fix.

I'd suggest that people using Subversion with httpd 2.2.25 apply the 
patch produced by this command:
$ svn diff -c -1497441

and people using httpd 2.4.6 apply the patch matching this command:
$ svn diff -c -1486456

The fixes that the above is removing are for mod_dav_fs and unless 
you're using them they shouldn't create any problems for you.

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