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From Gordon Moore <>
Subject Error after server upgrade to 1.8.3 - E160052: Revprop caching disabled
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2013 22:41:17 GMT
I just upgraded my subversion server software from 1.7.2 to to 1.8.3, running on RedHat Linux
6.2.  Almost everything seems to be functioning correctly, however when I try to do an svnadmin
dump or svnadmin verify of any of my repositories I get an error like this:

svnadmin: E160052: Revprop caching for '/svn/repos/build/db' disabled because SHM infrastructure
for revprop caching failed to initialize.
svnadmin: E000013: Can't open file '/svn/repos/build/db/rev-prop-atomics.mutex': Permission

Is this a known issue with 1.8.3? Any ideas on what is going on, how I can investigate, or
what I might do to correct this?


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