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From Andrew Reedick <>
Subject RE: SVN merge attempting to reintegrate on a merge to a branch
Date Fri, 13 Sep 2013 17:18:32 GMT

> From: Goor, Stefan [] 
> Sent: Friday, September 13, 2013 11:40 AM
> To:
> Subject: SVN merge attempting to reintegrate on a merge to a branch
> Recently when we attempted to merge a trunk project to a branch (in preparation of doing
a merge of the branch back to trunk) we are got errors like the following:
> $ svn merge $SVNROOT/trunk/my_project .
> svn: E195016: Reintegrate can only be used if revisions 4401 through 4545 were previously
merged from https://our.svn.servername/svn/branches/my_project/features/my_project_branch to
the reintegrate source, but this is not the case:
>  trunk/my_project
>    Missing ranges: /trunk/my_project:4485
>    Missing ranges: /trunk/my_project:4407-4408,4431,4442-4444,4485,4524,4532-4533

Since you sanitized your path names, is there any chance that the "t" in "my_project" is being
left off on the first "missing ranges" line?  E.g.
    Missing ranges: /trunk/my_projec:4485  <--- ** Missing 't' in 'my_project' **
    Missing ranges: /trunk/my_project:4407-4408,4431,4442-4444,4485,4524,4532-4533

When I encountered this, the solution was to either merge the branch to trunk (svn merge ^/.../my_project_branch),
or to explicitly specify the revision range when merging up from trunk, e.g. "svn merge -r
4401:4545 ^/trunk/my_project".

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