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From Andreas Mohr <>
Subject Re: corrupted svn repository with “serialized hash missing terminator” error
Date Sat, 07 Sep 2013 13:19:09 GMT

On Sat, Sep 07, 2013 at 05:50:29PM +0530, Nitin Bhide wrote:
>    Philip/Stefan/Andreas,
>    Thanks for the help. I was able to write a small python script
>    specific to
>    my needs and recover the repository. It was corrupted revision
>    property
>    file. I have written the details in blog post.
>    [1]

Thanks for openly documenting/sharing your experience!
(and of course congrats for your smashing success)

Now a question that would spring from this would be whether this is
something that could be more automated in Subversion project circles
(for this one user who was nicely able to draw the necessary conclusions
and then even write his own tool, there's probably a dozen more users
who gave up in despair).
That's probably not a feature that svnadmin ought to provide ("form
intermediate revisions out of thin air when encountering corruption in
certain revisions"), but rather an external recovery tool that's made
for that purpose.
But those are just random thoughts of someone who's quite external to all
this... ;)

Andreas Mohr

GNU/Linux. It's not the software that's free, it's you.

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