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From Geoff Field <>
Subject RE: SVN commit line ending handling
Date Mon, 02 Sep 2013 23:00:16 GMT
Hi Thorsten,

> Guten Tag Geoff Field,
> am Montag, 2. September 2013 um 01:09 schrieben Sie:
> > If the file's encoded as UTF-16, it will give this error 
> regardless of 
> > the consistency of the line endings.
> I successfully committed UTF-16 some minutes ago, Subversion 
> doesn't care about the character set of the files.

Last time I did a commit of this file, I was using TortoiseSVN version 1.7.13 (or earlier)
on a Windows system.

The properties include svn:eol-style=native and svn:mime-type=text/xml (this latter is probably
from autoprops).

> The 
> problem in your case surely was because of inconsistent line 
> endings as well.

It's possible.  I did look at the file with a hex editor to try to fix things, but didn't
see any inconsistent line endings.  Of course, this does not mean there were none, just that
I didn't see them.

In the hex editor, the line endings were all encoded as 00 0d 00 0a.  Given the "native" eol
style, I think SVN might have been looking for 0d 0a without the padding.  SVN might even
have seen the 00 0d as one line ending and the 00 0a as the next.

Since the file is auto-generated as part of an installation package, one would hope the auto-generation
tool would make the endings consistent.  However, hope is no substitute for reality.



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