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From Geoff Field <>
Subject RE: Problem with adding files in SVN 1.8.0+. Is it in the tracker already?
Date Wed, 25 Sep 2013 23:59:13 GMT
Thanks Bert,

I appreciate the effort.

(Top-posting, but at least it's in plain-text format...)


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	From: Bert Huijben [] 
	Sent: Thursday, 26 September 2013 2:13 AM
	To: Geoff Field; 'JANIKOVIC Jan';
	Subject: RE: Problem with adding files in SVN 1.8.0+. Is it in the tracker already?

	I think I found a bug causing your specific problems in 'serf', Subversions new default http


	The problem doesn't appear to affect Subversion users unless the server closes connections
aggressively. 'HEAD' requests (as requests without a body) don't trigger the authentication
subsystem. The 401 from the HEAD request as shown in your log file is assumed to be a 'file
exists' status.


	A patch is available on the serf development list. I assume it (or a similar patch) will
be included in the next serf version.




	From: Bert Huijben [] 
	Sent: woensdag 25 september 2013 13:04
	To: 'Geoff Field'; 'JANIKOVIC Jan';
	Subject: RE: Problem with adding files in SVN 1.8.0+. Is it in the tracker already?


	I'll just reply in the html form as it will be very hard to convert this thread to plain
ascii and I have better things to do than spending half an hour on that.


	The information in your e-mail says that you can reproduce it on your working copy; and then
Philip Martin says he can't reproduce it.


	I looked through your apache log (attached in yet another followup) and noticed that about
every request first fails with a 401 error and then later succeeds.


	What authentication configuration does your apache use?


	NTLM/Digest/Basic, with what backend.

	What is the maximum number of requests per connection?


	Can you send us your apache config (with sensitive information replaced by dummy information
of course)







	From: Geoff Field [] 
	Sent: woensdag 25 september 2013 02:25
	To: Bert Huijben; 'JANIKOVIC Jan';
	Subject: RE: Problem with adding files in SVN 1.8.0+. Is it in the tracker already?


	Hi Bert,




				From: Bert Huijben [ <> ] 
		Sent: Wednesday, 25 September 2013 6:43 AM
		To: 'JANIKOVIC Jan'; <>

		Subject: RE: Problem with adding files in SVN 1.8.0+. Is it in the tracker already?



		There is no issue for this specific part of those threads created as nobody was able to
produce a reproduction recipe for this problem to the developers yet. 

	Surely it would be useful to add the issue report anyway, even if there is no easy way to
reproduce it.  After all, it is a known issue now.  We can then work on the reproduction recipe.


		All the threads you quoted end with this request... So unless you add a way to reproduce
the problem (perhaps with the help of the earlier reporters) to the discussion there is not
much we can do for you at this time/

	I'm sure I postedthe method for me to reproduce it.    We were running a 1.2.3 server served
by Apache 2.0.54 on Windows Server 2003 SP2.  I was then using a 1.8.1 client on Windows 7
Pro 32-bit.  I thought I'd posted my recipe here: <>

	However, this is NOT the full recipe. Instead, look at this post: <>

	That contains the steps I took to reliably produce errors with the server/client setup we
had.  Unlike most of our repositories, the Playground repo has always been FSFS.  The problem
happened with our BDB repos as well.

		The problem doesn't reproduce with the currently supported versions, nor with the older
versions we tried to setup specifically to trigger the problem quoted here.

	But it's easily reproduced here, and obviously is at other sites too.


		Do you see the problem in all working copies, or just in certain scenarios? (E.g. multiple
levels of added directories? Mixed revision copies? Etc. etc.)

	I saw itin nearly every case.  There were rare occasions when the add/commit would just work,
but in the majority of cases it would fail.  




		From: JANIKOVIC Jan [] 
		Sent: dinsdag 24 september 2013 12:51
		Subject: Problem with adding files in SVN 1.8.0+. Is it in the tracker already?




		There seems to be a problem with the TortoiseSVN1.8.0+, which returns a server conflict
when a new file is attempted to be added. We observed the problem only when adding files to
the server running SVN1.5.5. No problems were observed when adding files to our second server,
running SVN 1.7.x. There are further posts about this issue on the Internet, such as

		or <>


		Is this issue already in the Subversion tracker (
<> )? If yes, could you please tell
me the issue number


		Kind regards



		Jan Janikovic

		ALPRO Implementation Specialist 




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