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From Ben Reser <>
Subject Re: Bug when building SWIG wrappers on (at least) OSX
Date Thu, 19 Sep 2013 04:48:27 GMT
On Wed Sep 18 16:00:22 2013, Paul Wagland wrote:
> While trying to install subversion using home-brew on OSX, I came across a few build
issues. The patches for these can be seen here:

This is a known issue with the auth system API.  While that patch fixes 
compilation on OS X it can't be applied because it breaks the Gnome 
keyring support on OSes that support it via the perl bindings.  It also 
completely ignores the same issue that happens with the Ruby and Python 

The proper workaround for users that want to build bindings on OS X for 
the time being is to:
make extraclean

This situation means that OS X users that want to build SWIG based 
bindings need SWIG, libtool, and autoconf (i.e. the same additional 
things you'd need if you built from a checkout rather than the tarball).

The problem here is that our API should not be conditional on 
dependencies at build time and rather should simply have noop 
implementations when the required dependencies were not available at 
runtime.  It's on my radar to fix.

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