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From Dan White <>
Subject Re: Push ?
Date Sun, 15 Sep 2013 15:32:59 GMT
The issue is that the client end of the transaction is in a DMZ

A connection from a DMZ to one’s internal network is a very high security risk.
What I was hoping for was a way to define a very specific connection from the Subversion server
to the DMZ client (push).
This is considered to be a much lower security risk.

Searching for a solution found one possibility: Check out a copy on the subversion server
and then rsync to the final client destination.

I was hoping to find a one-step solution rather than a two step.

Other considerations include using svnsync to create a copy in the DMZ, but that has its own
security concerns.

Sadly, this is not a simple problem.

On Sep 15, 2013, at 6:21 AM, Thorsten Schöning wrote:

> Guten Tag Dan White,
> am Sonntag, 15. September 2013 um 01:22 schrieben Sie:
>> Is is possible to push a checkout or update from a subversion server to a remote
client ?
> As said, there's no such mechanism in Subversion, but if you describe
> your problem more detailed, one can suggest workarounds. For example
> it shouldn't be a problem to login using ssh and initiate a client
> side update.

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