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From Benjamin Fritz <>
Subject Is it possible to see a diff of a "replaced" file?
Date Tue, 10 Sep 2013 14:59:27 GMT
I'm referring to files with an 'R' status in 'svn log'.

I want to see the changes between the new file, and the file that it replaced.

I can use 'svn cat' to get the old file and then compare it to the new
one, but I am hoping there is a way to have SVN run the diff for me in
one step like it can for comparing two revisions of the same file
(actually I use TortoiseSVN most of the time, but I'd be willing to
drop to the command line for this task if needed).

We have a directory that collects files from various projects in the
repository for building release loadsets for an embedded target, and
I've been using 'svn copy' to replace those files in order to see the
pedigree of the file more easily, but since I did it this way, I
didn't notice when I removed an update somebody made directly to a
file in that location instead of making it in the project folder it
belonged in.

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