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From "Goor, Stefan" <>
Subject SVN merge attempting to reintegrate on a merge to a branch
Date Fri, 13 Sep 2013 15:40:19 GMT

We are encountering an issue when trying to merge trunk to a branch.  We originally posted
this issue to the CollabNet forums (
but they suggested we should contact this list.

We maintain a few branches from our trunk project and we periodically merge back and forth
between the trunk project and the branches.  When we have work in a branch that we need to
reintegrate to trunk we first merge trunk up to the branch and then merge (reintegrate) the
branch back down to trunk.  We are using SVN version 1.8 so we no longer specify the —reintegrate
option as from what I understand the client should now identify what type of merge to do.
 This process had been working well for until recently when we started getting some errors.

We are using Apache 1.8.0 clients, CollabNet Subversion native binaries 1.8.1 (and CollabNet
Subversion Edge 4.0.1).  Our setup is a fairly straightforward configuration, we have trunk
projects in $SVNROOT/svn/trunk/<projectname> and branches in $SVNROOT/svn/branches/<projectname>/features/<branchname>
so for example if we have a project called my_project and branch of this project called my_project_branch,
they would be in the repository in the following paths $SVNROOT/trunk/my_project and $SVNROOT/branches/my_project/features/my_project_branch.
 The $SVNROOT is just a variable we use that corresponds the repository URL e.g. https://our.svn.servername/svn.

Recently when we attempted to merge a trunk project to a branch (in preparation of doing a
merge of the branch back to trunk) we are got errors like the following:

$ svn merge $SVNROOT/trunk/my_project .
svn: E195016: Reintegrate can only be used if revisions 4401 through 4545 were previously
merged from https://our.svn.servername/svn/branches/my_project/features/my_project_branch
to the reintegrate source, but this is not the case:
    Missing ranges: /trunk/my_project:4485
    Missing ranges: /trunk/my_project:4407-4408,4431,4442-4444,4485,4524,4532-4533

I was not expecting this error because we had previously merged the trunk project to the branch
and merged the branch back down to trunk successfully so as far as I'm aware there should
be no missing revisions.  Also I am surprised that a reintegrate merge is being attempted
when trying to merge from the trunk project to the branch project because, as I understand,
the reintegrate should only happen when merging content from a branch to a project that the
branch was created from.

I have run the svn merginfo command which gave the following output:

$ svn mergeinfo $SVNROOT/trunk/my_project .
    youngest common ancestor
    |         last full merge
    |         |        tip of branch
    |         |        |         repository path

    4400               4545
    |                  |
  -------| |------------         trunk/my_project
     \          /
      \        /
       --| |------------         branches/my_project/features/my_project_branch
              |        |
              4531     4541

Can you please help us track down and resolve the issue?

I'm not sure if it makes any difference but the branch was created using the repository browser
in eclipse with the Subclipse plugin v3.0.0 using Subversion Client Adapter version 1.8.6

Many Thanks,

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