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From "Goor, Stefan" <>
Subject Re: SVN merge attempting to reintegrate on a merge to a branch
Date Mon, 16 Sep 2013 09:16:10 GMT
Hi Andrew,

I think it's a problem in the 1.8 client.  I tested doing the merge with
the same branch using a 1.6 SVN client for the checkout and the merge and
it did not encounter any issues or complain about missing revisions.  This
leads me to believe that it is a bug and not just a presentation issue.
It is preventing the merge from working in the way described in the manual
and we have both encountered the same issue so I think I will raise this
issue in the bug tracker.  I checked to see is there anything in there
already but I could not find anything relevant.


On 13/09/2013 21:16, "Andrew Reedick" <> wrote:

>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Goor, Stefan []
>> Sent: Friday, September 13, 2013 3:53 PM
>> To: Andrew Reedick;
>> Subject: Re: SVN merge attempting to reintegrate on a merge to a branch
>> Hi Andrew,
>> Thanks for your response.  You are right, I hadn't noticed but on the
>> first line about the missing ranges the last letter of the project name
>> is missing and I had just pasted over it when I sanitized the path
>> names.
>> I got around this as you suggested by using the -r 4401:HEAD option but
>> this is becoming a recurring problem for us lately.  We prefer to merge
>> the trunk project to the branch in preparation of reintegrating the
>> branch to trunk but we seem to hit this issue quite a bit lately.
>> Is this a bug?  Is it something we are doing wrong?  Is there any
>> information we could send that would help diagnose and prevent the
>> issue?
>No idea. But I posted about the missing char issue a couple of days ago:
>It's either a harmless presentation error, or the missing char implies a
>malformed pathname that is possibly mucking up the merge analysis?

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