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From Ben Reser <>
Subject Re: Experiencing issue where CPU is pinned at 100% - more info
Date Wed, 27 Nov 2013 01:52:35 GMT
On 11/22/13 2:29 PM, Dave Kelsey wrote:
> Software version	                        4.0.2-3732.117

What is this a software version of?

You didn't mention what version of Apache httpd you're using.  Though I'm
guessing 2.4.x given the log message codes you gave below.  It's possible this
is actually a httpd issue and not a svn issue.

> I parsed the error log for yesterday counting occurrences of all AH errors:
> occurrences: DEBUG Code
> 545112          AH01626:

Unimportant, just logging the result of the authorization hook in mod_authz_core.c

> 206385          AH01691:

Client didn't send a password log message (mod_authnz_ldap.c).  Probably normal
since client doesn't authenticate until it's asked for authentication.

> 206377          AH01697:

access granted in mod_authnz_ldap.c

> 139630          AH01384:

mod_deflate.c telling how much it compressed things.

>         24          AH00361:

>From mpm/winnt/child.c (no idea what this means)
    /* Shutdown the worker threads
     * Post worker threads blocked on the ThreadDispatch IOCompletion port

Could be normal I'm not super knowledgeable about the winnt mpm.

>           4          AH01316:

Some sort of message LDAP caching modules/ldap/util_ldap.c

>           2          AH01320:

LDAP SSL support unavailable modules/ldap/until_ldap.c (this looks suspicious
to me)

>           2          AH01318:

logging the LDAP SDK used.  modules/ldap/util_ldap.c

>           2          AH00408:

Looks like a normal operation of winnt mpm with duplicating a socket.

>           2          AH00403:

Looks like a normal operation of winnt mpm, waiting for data on a socket.

>           2          AH00348:

Child: Accept thread exiting.  Could be just part of a normal shutdown.

>           2          AH00334:

Child: Listening on an address with a filter.  Normal operation

>           1          AH01284:

ldap timed out

>           1          AH00456:

logging date and time the server was built.

>           1          AH00455:

startup finished (resuming normal operation message)

>           1          AH00453:

Child process startup, normal operation

>           1          AH00431:

Parent forcing child to terminate, part of shutdown.

>           1          AH00422:

shutdown signal received, part of shutdown

>           1          AH00418:

Created child process, normal operation

>           1          AH00411:

More normal operation of the socket duplication

>           1          AH00407:

Child side of the previous message, child got the duplicated sockets.

>           1          AH00402:

Sent scoreboard handle to child, normal operation

>           1          AH00391:

Child got the soreboard from the previous message

>           1          AH00359:

Child released start mutex, normal operation

>           1          AH00357:

Child got an exit signal, part of shutdown

>           1          AH00354:

Creation of worker threads in child, normal operation

>           1          AH00352:

Child got the start mutix, normal operation

>           1          AH00096:

removed pid file, part of shutdown

>           1          AH00094:

logging of startup command, normal operation

> I looked at the error log unto the point of the restart.  I could not see anything obvious.
> I also look in the event viewer and see nothing.

Based on the above it looks to me like you're having some sort of issue with
your LDAP connectivity.  But it's almost impossible to diagnose from the
information provided.

I suggest attaching a debugger and seeing what it's doing when it's spinning at
100% CPU.  WinDbg and the Logexts.dll will let you log system calls:

On 11/26/13 3:35 PM, Dave Kelsey wrote:
> Had this been filed as a bug?

No and at this point I don't see a clear cause.  May not even be a Subversion
problem.  So I wouldn't open an issue yet.

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