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From Andy Stocks <>
Subject Subversion issue on Solaris 10
Date Thu, 07 Nov 2013 15:53:06 GMT

I'm building Subversion 1.8.4 from source (standard configuration, using alternative --prefix)
on a Solaris 10 installation, which has little in the way of GNU tools built - many of the
standard commands are still the Sun implementations, only some are GNU variants.  Caveat:
I don't have control over the system I'm building on.

There appears to be a problem in the script caused by Solaris versions of find
and xargs - according to the change history, it was introduced in r1416646 and r1421636. 
I've checked the releases and this first appears in 1.8.0.

There are invalid parameters (for Solaris implementations) on the find and xargs commands:

	find subversion/tests/cmdline/svn-test-work -print0 -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1 | xargs -0 rm

Solaris 'find' does not support '-print0', and Solaris 'xargs' does not support '-0'. 

This causes make clean to fail almost immediately:

> make clean
rm -f gcov-lcov.dat gcov-lcov.log gcov-genhtml.log
rm -rf gcov-report
find . -name "*.gcda" -o -name "*.gcno" -print0 | xargs -0 rm -f --
xargs: illegal option -- 0
xargs: Usage: xargs: [-t] [-p] [-e[eofstr]] [-E eofstr] [-I replstr] [-i[replstr]] [-L #]
[-l[#]] [-n # [-x]] [-s size] [cmd [args ...]]
find: bad option -print0
find: [-H | -L] path-list predicate-list
make: *** [gcov-clean] Error 2

Replacing the -print0 with -print and removing the -0 parameters cures the immediate issue,
though I realise the clean operation is going to fail for filenames with whitespace/newline
content after the alteration; I've not time at present to implement a proper fix that will
still work and won't upset other OS's.

I appreciate there's probably not much desire to put in fixes for non-GNU Solaris 10, and
I know I could build the GNU find/xargs locally if necessary; however I thought I'd share
this so it might be addressed for those that don't have this option.

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