On 14.11.2013 21:44, Philip Martin wrote:
Branko ─îibej <brane@wandisco.com> writes:

On 14.11.2013 19:24, Rick Varney wrote:
We are currently on Subversion 1.6.6.

What do you think?  Any alternatives I have not considered?  Should I
open a feature request for this?
I disagree with the behaviour change because it makes 'svn delete' in
the presence of svn:needs-lock behave exactly opposite to every other
command. IMO, it's quite enough to simply fix the bug where we try to
change the permissions on a non-existent local path.

So I suggest you file a bug for that, not for the behaviour change.
We won't fix this in 1.6 and 1.8 is already fixed:

$ svn rm wc/A/f
D         wc/A/f
$ svn st wc/A/f
D       wc/A/f
$ svn lock wc/A/f
'f' locked by user 'pm'.
$ svn st wc/A/f
D    K  wc/A/f

Yes, I was just going to say. I added test cases for this on trunk, and they passed; I've just been running them on 1.8, where they pass as well.

In other words, upgrading to 1.8 will fix the issue, and in the meantime, ask your users to either revert the delete first (i.e., 'svn revert file; svn lock file; svn rm file; svn commit', or to use the URL in the 'svn lock' command.

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