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From Thorsten Schöning <>
Subject Re: help with svn:ignore
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2013 22:01:38 GMT
Guten Tag Hinote, Scotty (MSFC-IS40)[NICS],
am Donnerstag, 12. Dezember 2013 um 21:38 schrieben Sie:

> I then moved the files with my Perl script.

You should provide the lines which implement the rename and the
commit of the deleted and newly added files.

> It appears from the
> output of "svn log -v file:///opt/rancid/archives/SVN/CISCO/" that
> r1 - r3 is when RANCID created the repo using rancid-cvs and r2041
> is where I moved the files.

Did you use svn log on the files moved to get their history? Execute
svn help log and have a look at --stop-on-copy.

> I have another server that I also renamed files on using "svn move"
> but I moved the files one at a time instead of with a script. This
> server reports svn:ignores at revisions after moves were executed
> even though I did not restore a backup.

svn:ignore surely is not your problem, it doesn't affect the output or
generation of history in any way. It's only purpose is to specify to
ignore unadded files in a working copy and therefore prevent
accidental commits of binary files etc.

> Are there some additional flags I should be using with svn move?

Doesn't seem so, but it essential to commit both delete and add of the
renamed file in the same commit.

> When manually moving or moving with the script the command is the
> same "svn move /path/old_name /path/new_name". I do not see any stop
> on copy in the svn log output that OpenGrok would pick up on.

stop-on-copy is an argument to svn log, you won't see it in any
output, just the results may not be what you expect. Besides that, it
seems that OpenGrok is able to handle renames, but your version may
simply have bugs:

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Thorsten Schöning

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