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From "Cooke, Mark" <>
Subject (py)svn_load_dirs and Qt vendor branch?
Date Thu, 19 Dec 2013 10:58:53 GMT

I would like to ask advice on the best way to handle the Qt library as a dependence of our
project.  Strictly speaking I have two related questions:

1) how do people best handle using Qt for building projects (i.e. need to tag Qt along with
source used so we can go back and build old versions) but Qt is big and I do not want to bloat
the repo more than necessary.

2) is there a version of svn_load_dirs for those of us without (permission for) a Perl interpreter?

For (1) we have been using a version of Qt but I now want to upgrade that and want to handle
the history properly in the repository.  As a side effect I want to be able to build on a
(windoze) system without Qt "installed" (or even with the wrong version installed), so it
needs to come out of the repo along with the source (i.e. an external to a tag).

I have read the vendor branches section but we do not make any changes to the source so loading
in complete new versions rather than deltas would be slightly more wasteful (even with rep

This leads me to (2), I did find one reference to a pysvn_load_dirs but that led nowhere,
does anyone have a working version?  Getting Perl authorised is pain I would like to avoid,
if possible, and I already have python running...

Many thanks for your input,

~ mark c

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