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From Bob Archer <>
Subject RE: Why does `svnversion -c` give me a range?
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2013 15:21:39 GMT
> Hi Folks,
> I would like to include the svn revision number in my project's version info
> but I am confused by the results of svnversion.  I want the version number of
> a tagged tree to always be the same (i.e. the last commit to the tag) but if the
> tag is to be rebuilt using a fresh checkout some time later `svnversion` seems
> to report the HEAD revision.  So I looked at `svnversion -c` but this always
> seems to give me a range e.g. `2:1476`, even directly after an update.
> I have read the red book but it is quite vague about the -c option.  Why is `-c`
> always giving me a range?
> Many thanks,
> ~ mark c

If you are on windows you can use SubWCRev which is distributed with tortoiseSVN. It is designed
to do what you want.


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