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From "Albert, Anthony (Millennium)" <>
Subject Subversion Service Keeps Stopping...
Date Thu, 30 Jan 2014 20:08:16 GMT

My organization is using Subversion on a Hyper-V virtual Machine (successfully for some time
now), but just today we have been having a critical work-stoppage failure that I can't seem
to find a solution for.


-          The SVN service (svnserve.exe) is stopped, so I start it and 10 seconds later it
automatically stops again.

-          When viewing the process in the task manager, I can see that there is a quickly
increasing amount of RAM being utilized (0 to 700MB in 10 seconds) and once it gets around
600MB or 700MB, it disappears from the process list (closes down).

-          When I launch the application 'svnserve' with the proper attributes, the command
window gives me the following error message when it fails:  "svnserve: Can't create thread:
Not enough storage is available to process this command"

This is a critical work-stoppage for us and we have no idea why it sometimes runs for several
minutes, and then sometimes it just quits after 10 seconds.  Please let me know what is going
on or what I can try...


Anthony D. Albert
IT Specialist
Millennium Engineering
Office: 321.622.0732
Cell: 321.432.4406

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