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From Ben Reser <>
Subject Re: How to prevent casual browsing
Date Thu, 02 Jan 2014 18:47:57 GMT
On 1/1/14, 11:55 AM, Peter Flynn wrote:
> Apparently so; and this appears to be new (recent) behaviour. Quite why svn
> believes it needs to check the permissions one level above where it was told to
> go is unclear to me, but I'm sure wiser heads have thought this one through.

This is actually really old behavior.

> OT but I can't see why the REPORT request didn't need authentication; but it's
> moot anyway.

Because the LimitExcept included REPORT.

> At that point it would seem that it ought ask my client to authenticate, and it
> would prompt me for the credentials.

Agreed, I've started working on fixing that, but found there are an awful lot
of places where it needs fixing.  So I haven't finished yet.  We have a long
standing history of not necessarily returning the proper HTTP result code.

> I am unclear on the distinction between /etc/svn.authz and /etc/svn.auth here.
> The filename I am using for AuthUserFile is /etc/svn-auth-file; I don't have
> any other svn file in /etc.

/etc/svn.auth was the username/password map for Basic authentication.  Doesn't
matter what you call it.

>> Technically you don't need the AuthzSVNAccessFile either,
> In fact it doesn't work with it at all; I get
>>> $ svn up
>>> Updating '.':
>>> svn: E175013: Unable to connect to a repository at URL
>>> ''
>>> svn: E175013: Access to '' forbidden
> If I comment out AuthzSVNAccessFile, I still get
>>> $ svn up
>>> Updating '.':
>>> svn: E220000: Not authorized to open root of edit operation
> However, if I also comment out the SVNPathAuthz short_circuit line, it all
> works correctly.

If you don't remove the LimitExcept block you're going to still have those
sorts of problems unless you set "SVNPathAuthz off" which I wouldn't recommend.

Once you're removed the LimitExcept block (making your config similar to the
config I posted), then you can start potentially removing AuthzSVNAccessFile.

> Thank you very much indeed for the comprehensive explanation and a working
> solution.


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