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From Ben Reser <>
Subject Re: Receiving an error via an SVN repository
Date Thu, 09 Jan 2014 22:26:17 GMT
On 1/9/14, 2:11 PM, Sinclair, Ronda D. wrote:
> We are running Tortoise SVN on a Windows 7 machine – and had some network
> issues were connectivity to our share where the repository was stored was up
> and down. We’ve had the user copy the files locally and they can access them
> and commit them but when trying to recommit them to the network repository they
> were getting a file lock error. The user was able to break the lock but now
> receives this error : Error: Can't set position pointer [...] : An attempt was
> made to move the file pointer before the beginning of the file and can’t
> reconnect to the SVN repository on the network.

Hard to make much of that.  Can you post the full and exact error message (you
can ommit paths just don't ommit error codes and exact phrasing of the error

Also it would probably be helpful to provide an exact version of Subversion
that you're using.

The one concern I do have is it sounds like you were putting the repo on a
network file share and then using ra_local (file:///) to access it.  I wouldn't
recommend that.  If you want to allow network access to the repository I'd
suggest using one of our server processes.

> I see this link to
> to unwedge a repository but wanted to check to see if you had any
> recommendations on what to do before trying to do a restore of the repository
> or should we try the “unwedge” action first?

FSFS repos don't get wedged, is this a BDB repo?

Biggest suggestion I can make is make sure you are working off a copy of the
repo and not your only copy.

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