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From Edwin Castro <>
Subject Re: ignore property not ignoring...
Date Sun, 12 Jan 2014 07:50:58 GMT
On 1/11/14, 6:18 AM, Edward Ned Harvey (svn4) wrote:
>> From: Edwin Castro []
>> I use svn client installed by macports. It's current version is 1.8.5.
> I've been down that road before.  Macports is mostly reliable, but not entirely reliable.
 And every time you apply some update to XCode, apple replaces with default binaries again,
which you won't know by default, until you step into some pitfall and waste time figuring
it out.  And I've run into a lot of conflicts between macports and homebrew...
> If you need 1.8, I'll agree, thanks to macports, there *is* a solution available.  But
I'm choosing not to go that route...  Thanks...

Sure, no problem. Then you'll need to specify svn:ignore on each
directory where it applies or set it in your subversion configuration
(which only applies to you) ...

FYI: I don't use homebrew but
suggests they have subversion at 1.8.5.


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