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From Ben Reser <>
Subject Re: Files added to repository by others don't come down with 'svn update'
Date Thu, 16 Jan 2014 11:14:47 GMT
On Thu Jan 16 02:08:47 2014, Yuri wrote:
> I first described my issue in the form of the Issue ticket:
> but it was promptly
> closed for unclear reasons.

There's nothing unclear about why your ticket was closed.  Please read 
the top yellow box on our issue reporting page:

We don't put issues into the ticket system until we're sure they're 
actual bugs.  We handle figuring out that they're actual bugs here.  If 
a developer confirms your issue usually we'd ask you to file an issue, 
in this case we'd probably just reopen your issue.

> The explanation in this ticket says "you somehow deleted your current
> directory". Well, I am positive I did not.
> In short: I had the checked out subversion directory. Somebody else added few
> files into the repository, then I deleted the enclosing sub-directory,
> updated it with 'svn update', and the added by others files failed to appear.
> And they also failed to appear after overall 'svn update'.
> What do I do now? I obviously have an invalid directory, and I didn't do
> anything wrong. I believe this indicates the presence of some problem in
> subversion. But this Issue has been assertively closed.

I started to take a look at your issue but didn't get very far with it 
because the freebsd-ports tree is rather large and the checkout was 
taking a long time.  So a much more specific recipe would be greatly 
helpful (hopefully one that doesn't require making a large checkout).

So I'd follow the instructions here with respect to providing the 
reproduction recipe and environmental details:

I know that page says to send the email to the dev list but you can 
reply here since you've already started a thread.

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