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From Eric Johnson <>
Subject Re: SVN notify--post-commit---steps
Date Tue, 28 Jan 2014 17:14:54 GMT
Can't give you an answer, but can suggest a way to diagnose what's going on.

The shell execution environment for Subversion hook scripts is quite 
limited. If the script works from outside of Subversion, it may be that 
something that the script uses isn't available in the PATH that 
Subversion uses when it is executing its scripts. You might try putting 
in script commands (python, bash, ruby, perl, other?) that log to a 
file, so you can debug the execution when run by Subversion.


On 1/28/14, 2:01 AM, sushant wrote:
> Hello sir,
> please provide me the SVN notify hook script for post-commit
> I have made changed in post-commit file but mail is not coming but 
> manually run the
> post-commit file from command line then It works.
> so requested to you please provide steps Ubuntu/Linux.
> Thanks
> Sushant Talele

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