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From Ræstad Atle Eivind <>
Subject RE: Disjoint working copy
Date Fri, 31 Jan 2014 15:18:18 GMT
> Is there a way to get full status information for a disjoint working copy without performing
"svn st" on each sub working copies? 

A workaround on Linux with svn client 1.7 or newer is to use a command similar to:
find . -type d -name "\.svn" | sed 's/\.svn$//' | xargs svn st

Then at least I get a complete status, but is there some better way to get "svn st to show
the complete status for the disjoint working copy?

That is instead of reporting:
?       wc/mod1
in the example. It would be nice if svn did understand that wc/mod1 is actually a new working
copy (it could just look at the wc/mod1/.svn folder).


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