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From Mojca Miklavec <>
Subject difference between svn copy -r REV SRC and SRC@REV
Date Wed, 15 Jan 2014 21:05:04 GMT

I was wondering whether "-r REV SRC" and "SRC@REV" in "svn copy" are
supposed to behave differently or not.

I was trying to recover a file that has already been deleted from the
repository, but using "-r" syntax failed to work while @REV completed

> svn copy -r 10 ^/trunk/path/to/my/file.txt .
svn: E160013: '/repository/name/!svn/bc/25/trunk/path/to/my/file.txt'
path not found
> svn copy ^/trunk/path/to/my/file.txt@10 .
A         /here/file.txt

On the other hand, if the file still exists, the "-r REV" syntax works
just fine and copies the old file (revision 10 in the above example).
Is this expected?

I'm using SVN 1.8.5 (and also tried with the trunk version which
behaves the same), while the server uses SVN 1.6.11.


(PS: If necessary I can provide real URLs.)

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