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From Bob Archer <>
Subject RE: ignore property not ignoring...
Date Mon, 13 Jan 2014 16:03:07 GMT
> > From: Edward Ned Harvey (svn4) []
> >
> > So I have to just duplicate the svn:ignore and svn:global-ignores
> > properties everywhere that anything needs to be ignored.
> Sorry, clarification:
> In tortoise, I check the properties of some directory, and it shows "svn:ignore
> bin obj" and some other stuff.  But it's gray.  So I assume it's inherited from a
> parent, and effective at this level, and then it turns out, not to be effective.  I
> go to command prompt, and I see in fact, those properties are set on the
> root directory, and *not* on the subdirectory.  I don't know why it's
> displaying grayed out, but if I explicitly set that property on that directory,
> then it works.

> So I guess this is mostly a usage issue.  I could go talk to the tortoise folks
> about why it's showing gray, when it's not effective... And I could complain
> that when you click on "add to ignores" the default is now to use global-
> ignores rather than ignore...  But it's not worth it.

In 1.8 all properties are automatically inherited. Tortoise SVN shows those as gray so you
know they were inherited. That said, the 1.8 client only acts on specific properties that
were inherited. svn:global-ignores and svn:auto-props. I think there was some talk on the
TSVN list to have a check box to "show inherited". But, not sure if that will happen.

> Thanks for your help.  I think it's under control now.


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